The steps WE take to clean your carpets

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, or in fact it could be called a consumers guide to how we will clean your carpets.

We have a multi step system to ensure your carpet gets its most thorough cleaning ever, if you are not happy we will re-clean the area then if you are still not happy we will refund any monies paid.

The pre-inspection

Any carpet cleaner should not enter your home and just start spraying down chemicals! We will always visit your property to undertake an exhaustive check of your carpet, we need to do this to find out the history of your flooring.


To enable us to use the appropriate method of cleaning we would need to collect the following information;

Identify the fibre and construction of the carpet.

Check for any spots or stains and discuss what they are and if anyone has attempted a DIY clean on them, if so what method was used as some products available can permanently damage the fibres.

Ascertain if the carpet has been cleaned before and by whom.

We would also check the overall condition of the carpet along with it's fitment. If the carpet has excessive wear and tear this is bought to your attention and your realistic expectations of the clean are discussed.

After this is completed and collated we will then measure the room in question and a quotation will be provided which is valid for 7 days.


The clean itself.

1) If required myself and another technician will move any lightweight furniture prior to the clean. Due to our health and safety policy and insurance requirements any particularly large or expensive items would require the customer to move incase of accidental damage. We are however happy to help the customer move any of these items if required.

2) Dry soil extraction. This is without doubt a majot step in the succesfull cleaning of a carpet and should not be rushed. Even if you vacuum daily our high powered extraction process will remove an amazing amount of soil, debris and hair.

3) Stain pre-treatment will be carried out on any areas identified in the pre-inspection. Suitable eco friendly products will be applied according to past treatment and nature of the spot or stain.

4) A suitable pre-spray will be applied to the carpet according to it fibre and construction.

5) The product would be agitated deep into the carpet pile using a contra rotating brush (CRB) machine. A CRB will not only distribute the pre-spray but will also lift the pile of a carpet which will improve the appearance of a carpet. The product will then be left to dwell in the carpet, this time depends on the product and carpet.

6) Depending on the type of carpet the soil extraction may differ, however the majority of house hold carpets would be rinse extracted. This is the most intensive system for cleaning carpets which consists of rinsing solution which is sprayed into the carpet, then the soiled water is then vacuumed out using the same high powered machine.

7) Finally the pile would be reset and a fan would be installed to aid the short drying time.

8) Any furniture that may have been moved will be reinstated with protective tabs on the castors/feet etc to prevent any colour transfer.