Choosing a domestic carpet cleaner...

Choosing a carpet cleaner rather than cleaning your flooring yourself was once a luxury but nowadays it is a necessity. Floor coverings are one of the biggest investments you will make, therefore it is only right we should keep them in a clean, hygenic and fresh condition.
Due to the contaminants in the envoironment we regularly clean our clothing and therefore our carpets should be no different. With having regular cleaning maintenance you are not only promoting better indoor air quality but you are also prolonging the life of your expensive investment.
We recommend alongside daily/weekly maintenace with a quality vacuum cleaner the typical family home needs to be professionally cleaned 12 monthly and of course seldom used rooms such as spare bedrooms will rarely require a professional clean. If however their is a health reason for having your carpets professionally cleaned, i.e there are asthmatics or other respiratory health issues in the household more regular deep cleaning may be required.
We are more than happy to offer free advice on each individuals requirements.